In English for once, especially for the family in Australia!

We waited, very excited, at Arrivals 4 at Amsterdam airport, for Erwin’s second cousin Georgie and her husband Ash. We did not really know who we were looking for. Actually, we had REALLY NO CLUE who to look for but they had been traveling in Africa so a couple with backpacks seemed to be the most logical option.

Erwin was manically checking Facebook if he could find a picture while I scanned the crowd that appeared through the doors: “Look, there they are! Or is it that couple?” I walked to the couple I just pointed out, which made them look a bit scared at this manic person approaching them. OK, so this was not them. This happened about three times when we finally spotted a couple of which the guy looked a  bit like the mug shot of Ash we found on Facebook.

G&A1 G&A2 G&A3

I loved Georgie immediately. Hey, anyone who comes into my house and sighs at the sight of the pile of shoes and boots in the hallway: “Wow, this is a girls paradise…” is immediately a very dear friend.

They got installed, Erwin poured some drinks, I made diner and we sat down. Such lovely people and so easy. They were very happy to finally be in the Netherlands and meet the family.

Although the weather was horrible we decided to take a short tour  to Amsterdam. The canals look amazing at night with all the lights even when it is raining so badly. We ended with drinks on the top floor of one of the hotels of Amsterdam, with a spectacular view over the city.

The next day the weather was still not too good so we decided, instead of seeing the sights in Amsterdam to drive up north to typical Dutch sights such as Edam, where we bought speculaas and made made G&A taste kibbeling and a salted herring which they did quite bravely. Although Georgie accused us later on of an attempt to kill her since a bone was stuck in her throat. Which gave her another excuse to eat more speculaas!

We drove to Medemblik (especially for Ash who was amazed by Europe’s highest windmill), looked at the IJsselmeer, we passed the hole in the dike near Den Oever, had drinks at the Waagplein in Alkmaar where G really restrained herself from not buying those great sea-green shoes (I think Ash just lent her his thick socks to fit them so she would think the shoes were too tight.. 🙂 , drove back to Amsterdam via Zaandam and ended with a great dinner at Pompstation. Unfortunately we had no time for a boat trip on the canals but they are in the Netherlands at least until Sunday so you never know!

They left this morning to stay with other relatives but we will surely meet each other at the Harsveld Reunion coming Sunday.

P1050163 P1050168 P1050174


P1050184 P1050180 P1050176

P1050191 P1050202 P1050208

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